Whether you are a first home buyer or buying investment property, it is always reassuring to know you have someone to call on to provide you with honest, professional and clear advice.

Our team pride ourselves on being available when you need us most, to help with all questions related to buying and selling property.

No two transactions are alike and our extensive knowledge can help reassure you and provide confidence at what can be a very stressful time.  After all, buying property is one the biggest investments you will ever make.

What to consider when buying property?

  • Have you inspected the property?  Have you inspected the property more than once?   
  • Have you made enquiries about the work done to the property?  Was the work carried out by licensed professionals?  Or alternatively, do you need to engage a professional to conduct a building inspection?
  • Is there a pool? Is it compliant, and have you considered the costs of running the pool in your budget?
  • If you’re borrowing funds, have you sought finance pre-approval?  Do you need to see a mortgage broker or can you go to a bank direct?
  • Insurance! Are you aware that when you sign a contract for the purchase of property you are required to take out insurance immediately?
  • Buying land… did you know you may need a soil report?

There are a million ifs, ands or buts that can be raised in every property transaction and that’s where the team at Alora Conveyancing can help.  We don’t claim to know everything but we do have great relationships with those who do know and together we can achieve your home ownership dreams.