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What does a Conveyancer really do?

Conveyancing is an essential process in buying or selling a property. A competent conveyancer or conveyancing solicitor aids in fulfilling legal documents and other obligations prior to settlement. Buyers and sellers need to use conveyancing services to satisfy certain responsibilities included in the contract of sale. The job scope of a conveyancer A conveyancer or…

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This Is Us!

Wow – where has the time gone?!
We are officially two whole months in, and you know what we are thinking…… why didn’t we take the self-employment plunge sooner?!

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We offer conveyancing services, including:

  • Transfers when buying & selling property
  • Private residential contracts
  • Private small business contracts
  • Preparation of Form 1 and 1
  • Residential and commercial leases
  • Family and estate transfers

We’re a local team, established by two women who are proud supporters of our local community.

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